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Welcome to the 2023-2024 Dance Season at Rennae’s School of Dance Acrobatics commonly known as RSDA. We are so happy to begin our 47th season!  This is an informational newsletter attempting to covering the entire school year. I encourage you to read and then re-read, if you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to call or come in speak to Wyatt at the front desk. We request that you keep all communications for the school year as you receive them from our office in a safe place as you will most likely need to refer back to them from time to time.


The new season is now open for enrollment, you may mail in or drop off your completed enrollment forms as soon as  you are able, which will ensure your dancer’s place in class. You may register with Wyatt any time during summer hours at the front desk.

Office staff will be available at the studio Monday through Friday from 2:00 to 7:00 and during simmer classes for the remainder of the   summer. Official open house / registration will run an entire week this year Saturday July 29th through August 6th from 1:00 to 6:00 pm. The open house is especially helpful for new students but everyone is welcome. If you cannot make it in, do not worry, you can enroll at any time. Current students have or will receive an individualized schedule with recommended class options. If you have not received it or have not picked it up as of August 1st it will be waiting for you at the studio  during open house. Please be patient, this is a very long, tedious and taxing process.

Studio Enrollment Information and Policies


Class Placement and Evaluation:   All students are placed into levels according to age and ability with emphasis on ability, experience, attendance and work ethic. Class leveling will be determined by the teachers and director. If and when a student is to be placed in a different level class will also be determined by the teacher. If this is a student’s first year with RSDA, the studio director and staff will help you register for the appropriate level class. Current students, know that at the end of each year and ultimately through summer classes, teachers are constantly evaluating students to ensure proper placement for the upcoming season. Teachers and faculty discuss the progress of each student to determine their placement for the start of classes in the fall. Evaluation sheets are available upon written request.



Students are expected to arrive 10 minutes prior to class time in order to properly prepare for class. Please be on time. In the event of an absence from class, if at all possible, please notify the studio in advance. Make- up classes are strongly encouraged and can be taken during any appropriate equivalent level class. No credit on tuition is given for classes missed. Attendance is extremely important to us and to the success of a well trained dancer. Real talk: No matter how talented the student, or how gifted the teacher, if the student is not in class consecutively, the outcome will not be the same as the student who is at class every week.

Class Attire: A neat, professional presentation will reflect in your dancer’s performance in class and will have a positive effect on her/his pride and self-image. The studio houses a small boutique for your dance attire needs. Due to space, we keep a limited stock of popular leotards, crop tops, leggings, bikers etc… which can quickly be delivered to us in whatever size or style you need. All tights should be purchase through the studio, these are color specific to us.

Ballet students (girls) are required wear a black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes during ballet class, with hair neatly secured in a ballet bun (which is different than a messy bun). Tights and ballet shoes are available through the studio as well as a limited stock of black leotards for you to purchase. Our recital/company ballet pink tights are a specific color that is not available in stores. Our ballet shoes match those tights, if you’d prefer a canvas shoe we recommend the Bloch “Synchrony” for fit and color. Boys wear white well fitting t-shirt and black bikers, shorts, or men’s capri leggings.

Pointe dress code is the same as for ballet class well-fitted pointe shoes. Please do not attach ribbons until teacher or director has checked for proper fit and structure as this element can make or break you dancers experience on pointe.

Pre-School I – pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. If you choose a leotard with a skirt, skirt must be attached to leotard as small children love to remove articles of clothing that is not secured to them.

Pre-School II – light blue leotard (preferred so making it easier for us to identify), pink tights, pink ballet shoes, tan tap shoes. These can be purchased through the studio for color match, but also can be found other places that sell dance-wear.

Acrobatics – A leotard should be worn for spotting purposes and can be worn with spandex dance shorts. If your child prefers the sports top and spandex look, please have them keep a leotard in their bag. Gymnastic/Acro shoes will in most cases be used on stage for shows and/or recital but do not have to be worn for class. If your child has any trouble adjusting to different shoes, then the shoes should be purchased at the beginning of classes and worn in class all year.

Attire for all other classes should follow these guidelines: Fitted leotard, natural pink or caramel full foot, convertible or Capri tights, spandex dance shorts, Capri length jazz pants, fitted sports top. Clogging & Hip-Hop students should wear the appropriate shoes for their class, dance wear or other comfortable clothing, hair must be pulled away from face.

Snack Bar/Student Store: The studio stocks a wide variety of snacks, water and juice, and soft drinks for

dancer’s convenience. Outside food should not be brought in the studio, this causes excessive amounts of unwanted wrappers and trash. Snack punch cards are available at the front desk. We keep track of the balance for the students which can make it easier for you. As stated above, the studio offers all tights on hand and dance wear to purchase as well as a to-order basis. Dancewear in stock is on display and located in the lobby of the studio on the north wall near the front disk. We are able to get any style that you are looking for to accommodate your dance attire needs. Recital tights must be our brand, so it makes sense to buy them now to use at least as a back- up for the performance. We order reasonably priced, high-quality leotards, tights, shoes, dance shorts and accessories. Most styles are available for sizing, you’ll just need to ask the front desk for help.


Class Size and Cancellations: The number of students in an individual class depends on the genre taught, and the age of the students. Some classes, in addition to the instructor will have demonstrators, assistants, or apprentices. All classes are subject to cancellation, rescheduling, merged or split due to demand. Classes must have a minimum of 5, under that amount will be combined with another class of the same genre, level and age range.

Questions: Questions can be directed to the RSDA office staff. Our front office is located in the lobby as you enter the front door. If no one is immediately available, please leave a detailed message and we will get back to you ASAP. Phone 402-289-5488 or you can visit the website for answers to questions or access to email.


Policies: Students are required to follow the rules of conduct as stated below. Failure to comply with these rules

may result in a student’s dismissal from a class or classes. In such case we will notify the parents about the conduct. It is very important that we do not only work to create great well-rounded dancers, but also hard working, considerate, respectful, self-disciplined young adults upon graduation.

Students must arrive on time and be prepared.

RSDA is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. Students are not to be left at the studio for excessive time periods before or after class. Exception is when they are waiting between classes. Please take care of restroom needs prior to class. Leaving in the middle of a class can prove to be a distraction for everyone.

There is no gum chewing allowed in class.

Upon leaving studios, please make sure to remove all items including sweaters, leg warmers, headbands, ponytail elastics, dance shoes, band aid wrappers, water bottles, etc.

Showing RESPECT to teachers, staff and fellow students is of utmost importance. Disrespectful or aggressive behavior will NOT be tolerated and may result in dismissal.

Newsletters: RSDA distributes periodic newsletters with updated information and dates. These newsletters typically come out the beginning of each month. The best way to stay informed, is of course to come in the studio with your dancer and check the bulletin boards and handout trays located in the waiting area.



At time of registration all students will be required to provide their first month tuition payment and annual family registration fee. There are no tuition refunds for missed classes or discontinuance of classes, even if tuition has been paid in full. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Make-up classes for a missed class are strongly encouraged and can be taken during any appropriate level class prior to the end of term.

Annual registration fee is $25.00 per family and $15.00 for each additional child in family.

Families receive a 10% discount off the cost of instruction for each consecutive class that a student takes,

the first class – the longest length class – is full price for each child.

15% discount off the cost of instruction for annual early registration accompanied by annual full payment of tuition … must be paid &/or postmarked August 5 or before.

10% discount off the cost of instruction for registration accompanied by annual full payment of tuition

received on or before August 21.  

5% discount off the cost of instruction for tuition paid quarterly (3 month segments),

payment must be received on time to receive discount.

Costume Fees are included in the cost of monthly tuition. The cost will be divided over the first 9 months of the session.

The discounts listed above DO NOT apply to the costume portion of tuition since these are fixed costs.

Tuition payments are due the 1st of each month. Tuition received after the 7th of the month will be assessed a $10 late fee. Upon enrollment you will be emailed a payment due reminder. You may pay by credit card at the desk, through the website, mail a check or bring it in to the studio. No credits are given for classes missed.


In the event a student must withdraw, you must provide a notice of withdrawal in writing before your account will be closed. RSDA requires 30 days written notice of withdrawal from classes.

Any checks should be made payable to: RSDA. Credit cards are accepted on premises as well as through the website.

Tuition Rates: As mentioned above, costume fees will be included in tuition payments. To compute the full cost of tuition, calculate the cost of instruction less discounts and then add the total costume fees. Please see below for an example.

Tuition Rates (instruction only):

30 minute class ............. $50.00 monthly

45 minute class .............. $55.00 monthly

60 minute class .............. $60.00 monthly

75 minute class ............... $64.00 monthly

90 minute class .............. $72.00 monthly

Tuition continued - figuring your tuition…


10% discount on tuition paid annually. To figure, take regular monthly instruction rate, multiply by 9 then subtract 10%.

The dance year is a “season” rather than exact months; for figuring purposes it is divided into 9 months.

**Must be paid on or before August 21st to receive this discount.

5% discount on tuition paid quarterly (3 month segments). To figure quarterly payments,

multiply listed monthly instruction rate by 3 then subtract 5%.

Recital Costume Fees:


                    Level 1: Leaps, Turns & Jumps classes (These classes do not perform a dance in recital.) … $0.00/month

                    Level 2: Pre School I: $10/month

                    Level 3: Acrobatics; Hip Hop: $11/month

                    Level 4: Ballet Beginner and Intermediate levels 1-3; non-team Clogging; Musical Theatre: $11/month   

                    Level 5: BalletAdv. Int & Advanced levels 4-6: $12/month

                    Level 6: Team Clogging; Pointe: $12/month

                    Level 7: Combo; Pre School II: $13/month

                    Level 8: Jazz Intermediate and Advanced; Tap Intermediate and Advanced: $13/month

                    Level 9: Company Acrobatics; Company Jazz; Company Tap; Company Hip Hop: $16/month

Costume Payments: (Note: Discounts are not applied to costume fees)

                    Monthly Total …. add above rates for all applicable classes.

                    Quarterly ……… multiply the monthly costume total by 3.

                    Yearly ................. multiply the monthly costume total by 9.


Example of How to Calculate Tuition: A family registers Student #1 for 1 hour Acro, 1 hour Team Clogging and 1 hour Musical Theatre. They register Student #2 for 1 hour Ballet 2-3 and 45 minutes Hip Hop. The family chooses to pay quarterly. In this example, the family will pay $958.87 each quarter.

                   Monthly Class Instruction = {$60 + $56 + $56} + {$60 + $49.5} = $277.50

                   Quarterly Class Instruction = Monthly Instruction X 3 - Quarterly Discount = $832.50 - $41.63 = $790.87


                   Monthly Costume Fees {$11 + $12 + $11}+{$11 + $11}= $56

                   Quarterly Costume Fees = Monthly Costumes X 3 = $168.00


                   Total Quarterly Payment =  

                   Class Instruction + Quarterly Costume Fees = $790.87 + $168.00 = $958.87


Class Recommendations:

To help you with the registration process, we have highlighted recommended class options for you on the studio schedule of classes. We have given extensive thought and consideration to what classes would be most beneficial for your dancer(s). We primarily focus on the areas that the student shows the most natural abilities, areas that do not come as naturally, and areas that will help them achieve their goals as well- rounded performers.


2023- 2024 Calendar


Nutcracker Auditions — Friday August 12 & Saturday August 13

** The Nutcracker Ballet is an RSDA dance company event. Non company dancers are welcomed to audition as well. Students must have completed at least one year of ballet training. For more details please check the website or call or email the studio.

 First Day of Classes — Tuesday, September 5th

Halloween —  no classes Tuesday, October 31st

Thanksgiving Break  no classes—  Thursday - Saturday, November 24th thru 26th

Nutcracker performance dates — December 9th and 10th

Christmas Break no classes – December 18 thru January 2nd (classes resume Jan 3)

Easter Break  no classes — Good Friday April 7th thru Sunday April 9th

Memorial Day  no classes— Monday May 29th

Annual Spring Recital Performance — TBA 2nd or 3rd weekend in June.

**Students must be available for all classes with the possibility of extra rehearsals and a photo shoot the two weeks prior to the performance up to recital date in June.


Inclement Weather: We follow the Elkhorn School Weather Cancellations. Classes canceled due to weather or emergency can be made up in any appropriate level class. If more than one of the same class has been canceled due to weather and there is no appropriate class to make up in, the class will be rescheduled if possible. Weather cancellations will also be posted on the facebook page and the website.

Spring Performance: RSDA presents an end of the year recital performance for all students. The performance and rehearsal dates will be given out months in advance, so that everyone can clear their calendar for this exciting event. Participation in our Spring Performance is contingent upon adequate attendance. If a student is NOT going to participate in a performance, it is required that they inform the RSDA office in writing. There is a family recital performance fee which covers rehearsal time and production costs that will be billed in March or April. Costumes are ordered months in advance. As these costumes are made to order, costume fees paid to the studio are NON-REFUNDABLE.


Performance Fees and Ticket Information: Specific performance fees and ticket information will be announced at a later date. Performance tickets and costumes will not be distributed until accounts are paid in full. All tickets are reserved seating.


Performance Etiquette: During performances students are NOT permitted in the audience with their costumes on. If your child returns to the audience after performing, they must wear a cover-up. Parent only of young dancers may collect child from their class chaperone during intermission to watch Act 2, provided they are done performing. Dancers who also perform in Act 2 are required to remain backstage until the conclusion of the show. This is for the safety of the children, as well as teaching them the ins and outs of the entertainment world. Dancers are allowed to watch dress rehearsal with their class chaperone. Further information will be available as we draw closer to the event. Of course the above statement applies to a normal season when we have no Covid19 or any other obstacles. We are mindful that these are unprecedented times and are doing our best attempting to plan a season with a pandemic or the aftermath looming.


Company Dancers are selected and invited based on the following atributes; work ethic, talent, attendance record, natural ability, fortitude to sustain and  recall material given, versatility, desire shown during classes, and willingness to take and make corrections. Company dancers will perform in the Nutcracker, compete in spring competitions, and perform in the annual recital.


If you have further questions you may direct them to Wyatt or Shelly who are the office staff at the front desk. Email: or call the studio phone where you may leave a message if you get no answer. We are happy to help in any way we can.

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